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  • iSupplyEnergy's products, tariffs and payment types
    • What additional charges might be applicable?
    • What payment methods can I use to pay for electricity supplied by iSupplyEnergy?
    • Does iSupplyEnergy offer Gas?
    • Will my iSupplyEnergy electricity and gas contracts be combined?
    • How do I switch to iSupplyEnergy?
    • What is the cheapest way to switch to iSupplyEnergy?
    • What if I do not want an Economy 10 meter?

    • Do you offer Green gas?
    • Does iSupplyEnergy offer dual fuel contracts?
    • What are REGOs?
    • What is Green or Renewable Energy?
    • Why doesn't your Fuel Mix Disclosure show 100% Renewables?
    • Does iSupplyEnergy support Prepayment meters?
    • Which Prepayment meters does iSupplyEnergy support?
    • Does iSupplyEnergy offer Feed in Tariffs (FITS)?
    • What is a 'smart' meter?
    • Does iSupplyEnergy offer 'smart' meters?
  • How do iSupplyEnergy customers manage their accounts?
    • How do iSupplyEnergy Customers manage their accounts?
    • What does an iSupplyEnergy Customer have to do to manage their account?
    • What equipment do iSupplyEnergy Customers need to manage their accounts online?
  • How could I pay and how would my payments be calculated?
    • What payment methods can I use to pay for electricity supplied by iSupplyEnergy?
    • How will my direct debit payment plan be calculated?
    • When will my direct debit payments be payable?
    • Will my direct debit payments be equal over the contract period?
    • What is the cheapest way to switch to iSupplyEnergy?
  • How do I transfer (switch) my energy supply to iSupplyEnergy?
    • What do I have to do to transfer (switch) my energy supply to iSupplyEnergy?
    • How long will it take to transfer (switch) my energy supply to iSupplyEnergy?
    • Will you contact my current supplier?
    • When will I receive my final bill from my current supplier?
    • Does any credit or debt I have with my previous supplier transfer over to my account with iSupplyEnergy?
    • What information do I need to register with iSupplyEnergy ?
    • What can I do if I’m having difficulty registering with iSupplyEnergy?
    • How do I find my annual consumption?
    • What is an MPAN and how do I find it for my address?
    • Can I cancel (end) my account (contract) if I’m not satisfied?
    • Can I switch to iSupplyEnergy if I have a 'Smart' meter?
    • What is a 'cooling off period'?
    • What is a 'smart' meter?
    • Does iSupplyEnergy offer 'smart' meters?
  • Can I cancel my contract if I'm not satisfied?
    • How do I cancel my contract (account) if I'm not satisfied?
  • Regulations, consumer rights & consumer support
    • How is iSupplyEnergy regulated?
    • What are my rights as an energy consumer?
    • What is a Tariff Information Label and why is it useful?
    • How could I make my bills cheaper?
    • Why do I have to take meter readings?
    • Why do I get an Annual Statement?
    • Where can I view the iSupplyEnergy Fuel Mix Disclosure?
    • Are you on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)?
    • What support is available to me as an energy consumer?
    • What is a credit check?
    • Will the credit check affect my credit score?
    • What happens if I have a low credit score?
    • Do you credit check prepayment meter customers?
    • Who carries out the credit check?
    • I think that the result of my credit check is wrong?
    • What is Project Nexus?
  • Feed-In Tariff Scheme (FITs)
    • What is the Feed in Tariff Scheme (FITS)?
    • Do I need to change my electricity supply to you?
    • How do I register for the Feed-In Tariff scheme (FITs)?
    • What is my eligibility date (from when my FITs payments will start)?
    • When is my next FITs meter reading due?
    • How do I provide you with my quarterly meter reading?
    • Can my start meter reading start from zero?
    • Why do you need a photo of my meter?
    • I have sent in all my pre-registration documents. What happens next?
    • I have returned my FITs summary to iSupplyEnergy. What happens next?
    • How does the export tariff work/how was my payment calculated?
    • How and when can I expect my next FITs payment?
    • Can my payment be offset against my electricity bill?
    • What if I want my FITs payments to be made to another person?
    • What is an EPC?
    • Why do I need an EPC if I am having solar panels fitted?
  • How do I make a complaint?
    • How do I make a complaint?
    • Why is it important to follow iSupplyEnergy's complaints procedure?
  • I have left iSupplyEnergy
    • When will I get my final bill?
    • When do I need to submit my final meter reading?
    • Can I transfer my credit/debit to my new supplier?
    • When will I receive my refund (if applicable) after leaving iSupplyEnergy?
    • Why is iSupplyEnergy objecting to me transferring to another supplier?
    • I have left iSupplyEnergy, can I still access my online account, bills and statements?
  • Prepayment Meters
    • Can I take my key to a new property?
    • Do I still need to credit the meter if I am away from home or when there is minimal use?
    • How is debt collected by the Prepayment meter?
    • What happens if my Gas card is faulty or I lose my Gas card?
    • What happens if my key is faulty or I lose my key?
  • Smart Meters
    • Are smart meters accurate?
    • Can my smart meter help me to be more energy efficient?
    • Do I need Wi-Fi in my home to use my smart meter?
    • Does the in-home display cost anything to run?
    • How can my smart meter benefit me?
    • How does my smart meter work?
    • How often will you obtain meter readings?
    • I have a smart meter, but I have received an estimated bill. Why?
    • I have a smart meter, but you are asking me for a meter reading. Why?
    • I have recently moved in where there is a smart meter, however, there is no in-home display. What do I do?
    • If I move home, do I need to take my in-home display with me?
    • If I switch energy supplier, will my smart meter stop working?
    • Is my smart meter secure?
    • My in-home display is faulty or missing. What should I do?
    • What are smart meters?
    • What does a smart meter do?
    • What information do you take from my smart meter?
    • What is the in-home display and what does it do?
    • Where should I place my in-home display?
    • Will I have separate smart meters for electricity and gas?
    • Will I still receive energy bills?
    • Will my health be impacted by my smart meter?
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